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Vacation On Saona Island

60 $

Saona Island is like paradise on earth surround by white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and countless...

(All Inclusive. Price Per Person)

Saona Island

Vacation On Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

This sightseeing tour shows you a city full of history and culture. A great activity for the whole fam...

(Transport, Lunch & Tour. Price Per Person)

65 $


Boogies & Polaris

30 $

Drive through the wild jungle of the Dominican Republic and discover amazing landscapes while having...

(Price Per Person)

Vacation On Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo

Amaze with the impressive show atthe wildest club in the Caribbean!...

(Transport, Entrance & Open Bar. Price Per Person)

85 $

Vacation On Imagine (1)-2.jpg


65 $

Imagine The Cave is a tourist attraction of Punta Cana, for its incredible nights of party and events

(Transport, Entrance & Open Bar. Price Per Person)

Vacation On ScobaDoo (9).jpg


You will make an underwater adventure comfortably seated without using mask or tube...

(Transport, Equipment. Price Per Person)

50 $

Other Popular Excursions

Vacation On Catalina Island (16).jpg

85 $

Catalina Island + Altos de Chavon

Catalina Island is a small uninhabited island recognized for it’s stunning coral reefs and as one of the best destination...

(All Inclusive. Price Per Person)

Vacation On Catalina Scuba Diving (23).j

150 $

Catalina Island Scuba Diving

Catalina Island is recognized as one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving destination in Dominican Republic.

All Inclusive, two dives. Price Per Person)

Vacation On Coco Bongo Gold Member (1).j

Coco Bongo Gold Member

155 $

The most popular club in the Americas, finally here in the Dominican Republic...

(Transport, Entrance & Open Bar Premium, Reserved Seating . Price Per Person)

Vacation On Samana-43 (2).jpg

Samana Tours (Whales)

130 $

When it is whale season, you will visit the Sanctuary of the Humpback Whales in Samana for free...

(All Incluvise, Price Per Person)


Speed Boat

65 $

For the adventurous spirit, an afternoon of live action in which you will have full control of your own boat through the spectacular coast... 

(Price Per Person)

Vacation On Parasailing (7).jpg


The coastline from 200 feet in the air while you sail is absolutely stunning.. 

(Price for Two Peolple)

90 $

Vacation On Safari (19).jpg

Safari of Fields

65 $

Dominican Republic has several places to go for Safari because of its beautiful nature and its incredible fauna...

(Price Per Person)

Vacation On Zip Line (2).jpg

Zip Line

55 $

you will have the opportunity to go for six incredible zip lines...

(Price Per Person)

Vacation On Dolphins (1).jpg

Dolphin Explorer

99 $

Discover the awesome feeling of swimming with dolphins and interact with others amazing animals in an unique tropical environment.

(Price Per Person)

Vacation On Round Montain (29).jpg

Round Mountain

70 $

Enjoy an excellent natural day with incredible Caribbean views in the mountains...

(Price Per Person)

Vacation On Saona Vip (17).jpg

Saona Island VIP

99 $

You will see the incredible turtle sanctuary where you can enjoy a beautiful explanation..

(All Inclusive. Price Per Person)


50 $

Party Boat

The Party Boat in Punta Cana is ideal for visitors who want to make the most of the Caribbean party...

(Price Per Person)

Vacation On Altos de Chavon (12).jpg

Altos de Chavón

70 $

Altos de Chavon, a city known worldwide as the city of artists, is an old Mediterranean-style.. 

(Price Per Person)

Vacation On City Tour Higuey (17).jpg

45 $

Higuey City Tour

The first thing you will do is visit a tobacco factory, we will explain the process of its preparation.

(Price Per Person)

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